Writing Blog Entry 1 – Gross pgs. 1-24 (The Significance of Electronic Media)

In this first chapter of Lynne S. Gross’s book “Electronic Media”, Gross aims to convince the reader that 1) electronic media has become a leading source of media exposure to people worldwide, 2) electronic media has helped to expand both the types of media and the functions that media has in people’s lives today, and 3) electronic media is still rapidly changing.  Gross believes that electronic media heads the field in distribution of media to the public due to the huge presence of electronic media devices, i.e. smart phones, computers, televisions, etc., found in the hands of the public in recent years.  Also, the massive growth of the internet as both a source of information and entertainment is key to the growth of electronic media.  The function of media has changed as well; instead of media only being used to entertain, inform, and persuade, it is now used to promote commerce, transmit culture, connect people, and more.  Gross notes that electronic media is still being created rapidly; every year, CPUs get faster, new electronic devices are sold to the public, and the amount of people with access to electronic media grows.  Those who understand electronic media, it seems, will be best prepared for the future.



  • A video of a new electronic device that exemplifies one way that electronic media (i.e. the internet) now helps to promote commerce.


  • An article from USA Today giving some explanation as to why the Internet became a leading source of electronic media

  • A picture depicting the numerous amount of apps available for the iPhone 3G, hinting at how much media can be accessed by the device.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Why did electronic media expand the functions media has in people’s lives today?
  2. Based on where electronic media is now, what do you think will happen to electronic media in the future?

– Written by Adam Fischer

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