Writing Blogs Post 2 – Gross pgs. 26-54 (The Internet, Portable Devices, and Video Games)

In this chapter, Gross outlines in detail the history of the internet, portable media devices (such as cell phones, pods, etc.), and video games.  Gross begins with the internet, describing the origins of the internet as a way for select universities and the government to share data among different computers.  From it’s infancy to the modern day, the internet has been expanded upon and shaped by a wide number of innovative people, including the general public, with no one group being the rightful creator of everything the internet has become.  Portable devices, on the other hand, have largely been created and controlled by companies, not so much the general public.  This in no way limits their impact; the creation of cell phones, pods (mobile music/media players), and PDAs revolutionized the way the public consumed media and the amount available to the public, by allowing people to take the media with them throughout the day.  Video games, a more recent form of media, struggled after an initial surge of interest, but have grown to become a powerful and adaptable form of media, one that Gross says is more profitable than the movie industry.


  • A book detailing the corporate intrigue and happenings that caused Sega to lose it’s title as a major gaming company

  • Vinton Cerf, the creator of ICP/TP and often called the “father of the internet”

  • What some of the first computers looked like.  Early computers often took up an entire room.

Discussion Q’s:

  • What drove people to pursue computing as a tool to exchange information?
  • How has the rise of digital communication and media exposure in America changed how we as people interact with one another?

– Written by Adam Fischer

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