Writing Blog Entry 7 – “Identity Crisis” and “They Call Me Cyberboy” (9/27/2015)

In the article “Identity Crisis”, author Sherry Turkle outlines how in recent years our understanding of our identities have gone from viewing them as concrete and unchanging to fluid and adaptable.  Before digital media, Turkle mentions that there wasn’t much opportunity to change your identity – everyone who was in contact with you generally knew your face, where you lived, and what you were like in person.  However, with the rise of digital technology and the pseudo-anonymity it allows, Turkle says that our understanding of identity has adjusted to reflect the flexibility and the adaptability of web pages, electronic graphics, and the increased rate at which the world changes.

In the article “They Call Me Cyberboy”, author Douglas Rushkoff describes what it felt like to be part of the group that pioneered the internet initially.  His description was that of someone who didn’t just use the internet, but believed it to be the technology that revolutionized the way that humans would interact with the world and those in it.  He saw a new community, formed of those that society rejected at the time, and held great expectations for what they would turn the internet into.  He also laments at how the internet has turned out to be less than it was supposed to be, that it has simply become a place of business for earthly things when it was meant to transcend earth.


– A picture depicting how people can change their appearance/identity online.


– An article talking about who we act like on the web

Discussion Q’s:

– Is the internet a place for business?  Is it a place for human interaction?  Is it a place that transcends the non-digital aspects of our lives?

– How as Christians should we view the internet?

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