Writing Blog Entry 8 – “Virtual Friendship and the New Narcissism” (10/1/2015)

In this article, author Christine Rosen describes the way that we in the digital age utilize social spaces on the internet, and why we use it the way we do.  Rosen likens the huge popularity of social sites such as Facebook to the way emperors and rulers of old flaunted their power and prestige through large monuments and currency with their faces on it; however, instead of buildings and coins, we use pictures, ‘about me’ descriptions, walls, pokes, etc.  Also, our social connections have become much farther reaching; many times, in games and on social sites, we have friends that we’ve never met in real life.  These connections, Rosen argues, have a tendency to be shallow connections, ones in which neither participant know much about the other besides what they see online.  While these sorts of connections have their place, they also have a negative impact on the social connections we make in real life.




Discussion Q’s:

– Where and when are shallow social connections beneficial?

– Does the proliferation of social media over the internet improve social interaction skills or degenerate them?

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