Writing Blog Entry 9 – “How to do things with Video Games: Introduction” (10/11/2015)

In the introduction of “How to do things with Video Games”, author Ian Bogost asserts that not only video games, but new media as a whole, is not inherently good or bad.  Though most people either see new media as a technology that’s causing us to lose critically important parts of our thinking, or as a new avenue in advancing the human race, Bogost claims that media simply influences those who use it, in neither an overall good or bad way.  While morals are not excluded entirely, Bogost views media as a neutral entity that morals, ideals, and values can be expressed through.  He also sees similar things happening with the printing press and television; in each circumstance, they didn’t only improve or only detriment the world, but they did influence and change it.  His goal in writing this book is to practice media microecology (essentially studying media as a whole while focusing in on video games) and see what emerges from his study.




Discussion Q’s:

  • Is it mostly digital immigrants that see video games as a negative influence?
  • When does too much happen?

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