Writing Blog Entry 10 – “Art” (10/13/2015)

In chapter one of How to do things with Video Games, author Ian Bogost explains why he thinks that video games are art.  Noting first that art is in and of itself a difficult concept to nail down, since what people have considered art over the history of mankind has differed so much, he himself sees video games as a form of art.  He also makes a distinction between video games that are meant to be more tactile and imbue the player with power, such as the Legend of Zelda series (a young boy goes out and finds the power to defeat the evil one), and video games that are focused around an idea and are meant to be more introspective and thought provoking.  Such games don’t always give the player the upper hand; Braid, a puzzle game that takes away death with a time rewind function, doesn’t really have a power distribution, rather you are someone navigating a different world.




Discussion Q’s:

– Are video games geared towards different things (tactile vs. introspective) considered different levels of art?

– do you think it’s mostly digital immigrants who feel that video games aren’t a form of art?

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