Writing Blog Entry 12 – “Branding” (Ian Bogost)

In chapter 7 of “How to do things with Videogames”, author Ian Bogost talks about how games can be used to influence people’s ideas about something that the game is associated with.  His claim is that games can be manipulated to represent something outside of themselves in a positive or negative light, and can even bestow the qualities of the game onto something else.  He uses Monopoly as his main example; a game created to show the evils of land ownership, Monopoly’s newest version, titled “Monopoly: Here and Now”, uses playing tokens modeled after cell phones, cars, and laptops to brand Monopoly as the game of modern day society.  Through using symbols that we can identify in our society, they relate Monopoly to our society.  Barack Obama did a similar thing in his elections, except that he took the idea and flipped it: by placing campaign ads in video games, he took the qualities of the video game being played and applied it to himself.





Discussion Q’s:

– What kind of branding is most effective in your eyes?

– How can branding negatively impact society?

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