Writing Blog Entry 14 – Leading Thinkers Introduction

This introduction for the e-book “Leading Thinkers” attempts to fill in the reader on the context for the conversations that will take place in the book.  The conversations are centered around media in schools – but not in the usual sense.  They’re more focused on how to make school desirable by children while still teaching them through the use of the digital media they’ve grown up with, instead of simply increasing the amount of digital media/technology being used.  This would be a drastic change to the structure of the educational system – one that might be necessary and useful for budding digital natives.  Such a change would start on the fringes and work its way to the center, and opinions differ on how possible this kind of change could be.




Discussion Q’s:

– What are some ways that digital media can be used effectively in the classroom?

– Where can we as college students help encourage and inspire teachers in bringing digital media into the classroom?


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