Reading Blog 17 – Murthy Chapter 3

In this section of Murphy’s writing, the author tries to bring Twitter into multiple theoretical contexts with how it is interwoven into our social structures, instead of seeing Twitter as merely propagating the lifestyle of the culture using it.  One thing he mentions is that Twitter can be a sort of digital “object”, meaning that the content created in a topic is almost akin to an essay on the topic.  He sees this as a good way to understand “social representation, reconfiguration, and reproduction,” which basically means it can help us understand how our society functions.  He also explores the idea of using Twitter as a way to “produce themselves”.  We have a drive to form our identity, and through posting and tweeting about our lives and current situations, we develop a habit of consistently defining ourselves to everyone.  They can be self-affirming and ego-boosters in this way.  Twitter also seems to help democratize the sharing of people’s opinions to some people; however, Murphy does not quite agree.  He says that even though people might have a stronger voice as a secondary effect, those who run Twitter still have ultimate control.






Discussion Q’s:

– Is democratizing media a good thing?  Should Twitter be changed for that purpose?

– Is Twitter as reliable as news outlets or big company media sources?


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